Texas premiere: Sing the Earth

“Sing the Earth” is a tribute to our common home, the earth. But it is also a tribute to music and the different cultures around the world. The language is inspired by the joik tradition of the Sami people in Scandinavia. A joik is not merely descriptive, but yearns to capture the subject in its living sense. It is not ABOUT something, it IS that something. So we joik that very thing, and hence the title of the piece.

This joik yearns to capture our beautiful planet with many cultural differences to embrace. The instruments comes from different parts of the world. There are the South American maracas and caxixi; the darabuka, played mostly in Africa and the Middle East; and the riq, used in Arabic music. All this, together with english lyrics by Charles Anthony SIlvestri, classical Western instruments with brass and the organ, create a work with a unique sound and one call: Sing the Earth!

On February 11, a new work will be premiered at the Southwestern Music Festival, Dallas, Texas. The work was commissioned for the festival and will be performed by the Festival Chorus and conductor Jonathan Wall.