The work reflects the belief that we all have great internal power. Once we learn to acknowledge and appreciate our true selves, we can then change the world for the better.

Commissioned in 2016 for the Central Bucks High School-West Choir from Doylestown, Pennsylvania and Dr. Joseph Ohrt, conductor. 



SATB div. unaccompanied

Printed scores: Santa Barbara Music Publishing, Boosey & HawkesJ. W. Pepper 

Digital scores: Santa Barbara Music Publishing (Enter catalog number SBMP 1459)


In the hearth of the heart a kindling spark;

No more than a speck flaring light and warmth.

From the smallest flash at the quick of life;

No more than a point, it spreads soul light.


Thee worldly winds rage and blow.

Thee rains of doubt extinguish its glow.

Passions may fade, dampened by shame

Yet smoldering inside waits the unwavering flame.


To light the path we cannot see,

Breathe; blaze; burn free.

Set ablaze our fires reach high,

We long to be stars, dazzling the sky.


The stars light the way for the fearful benighted.

Dawn and dusk pass over the unsighted.

Yet those whose flames have joined in radiance

Ignite to manifest humanity's brilliance.




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