One of the unforgettable gifts our fellow students leave us is the lasting effect of their friendship on us - their loyalty, their willingness to stay with us as we struggle, the amazing way we discover how deeply we are loved and accepted. We move from the uncertainty and confusion of our early days to a lasting trust.

"The Gift I'll Leave You" was commissioned by Kantorei, Denver, and Artistic Director Joel Rinsema, and was written during Kim's position as Composer-in-Residence in 2015/16.



SATB div. unaccompanied

Printed scores: Santa Barbara Music Publishing, Boosey & Hawkes, J. W. Pepper 

Digital scores: Santa Barbara Music Publishing (Enter catalog number SBMP 1370)


When you walked in, my friends

did you wonder what love is?

Did you say in your heart

I do not know, I do not know?


Did you call out to love,

not knowing his name,

not knowing her name, cry:

Who are you, who are you?


Let me tell you, friend

what you did not know:

love is slow discovery,

and we are here, we are here.


Our friendship will tell you

what love is, what love could be.

I did not know too, my friend,

but here I am, here I am.


Remember this gift

when you enter our broken world,

for you are love or injustice:

remember this gift, remember.

Euan Tait



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