Michelle Oesterle

Commissioner and Artistic Director of the Manhattan Girls Chorus

An immersive experience engaging both the participants and the audience at a deep emotional level.

James Meaders

Vox Anima, London

What a timely rendering of these ancient words that have been given to us by the masterful artistry of Arnesen and Silvestri. Evocative, captivating, sanguine, and stirring. Indifference is challenged in every moment on a deep level.

Anita Brevik

Artistic Director of the 

Nidaros Cathedral Girls' Choir

Tuvayhun has had a deep impact on us all. Never before have our singers so coherent and clearly expressed how much a work has moved them.

Song for a Lily - SATB.jpg
Song for Justice - SATB.jpg

Kim André Arnesen

"...music of high quality and sophistication that’s both satisfying and accessible…"